A high-tech factory project for processing and selling agricultural crops for export, including receiving, cleaning, drying, fine purification, calibration, packaging, niche cultures (chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas beans, mustard, flaxseeds) with production capacity up to 210 tons per year.

Primary production of grains of legumes and oilseeds to European quality consumer standards. Priority species are: chickpea, lentil, peas, flaxseeds, mustard. These crops are profitable, have export demand, increase soil fertility, which will certainly increase the interest of farmers in their production.


Prerequisites for successful project realization:

  • export support;
  • creation of conditions for effective development of industrial production;
  • stable trade market with a trend of increase;
  • low cost  production;
  • high-quality raw materials
  • high level of service due to use of the latest and advanced technologies and equipment, availability of internal operational accounting;
  • insufficient offer of similar products at the market.